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[22 Jan 2004|06:26pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Well I got sucker punched today. Oddly enough, it was one of the better moments of my horrible day. A frenzied minute later and the guy rushed me. I had him in a cinch hold, pushing his face down, even had my right leg kicked backwards about to knee him in the gut, then the face if I could get his head down enough, when a few guys from my class grabbed us both. There was three of them, by the end they had a hittin' stick and a friggin' chain. Jesus, I don't remember moving to Detroit.

What was it over? I don't really know. But it is welfare day, and we were in front of the Open Door, a homeless shelter, so, well, I guess that's why. Hehehe, at least I have a story. Stupid jerk, right from behind too. Not the first time I had a chain puled on me, but it was the stupidest. About five people afterwards came up to my group and told us that they had called the cops on the idiots. Last thing I needed was a pocket search and a free ride, so we took off too.

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[16 Jan 2004|04:45pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

I've been tanning.

I go and stand in a closet and bright lights, 56 of them, 200 watts each, from head to toe, push full spectrum into my skin. I did 3 minutes the first time, now, the third time was today, I'm up to 5 minutes. There is a big fan, high power, at the top of the anything but dark closet that keeps my body cool enough to take it. That I'm doing this, how very odd.

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[10 Jan 2004|04:49am]
[ mood | excited ]

AAHGHA! Another blank page!

Well, I've not had much time to think about a plot or twist for the post-apoc short I'm going to write. I don't have much time, what with work and all. (five or six days left to finish it) Mind you, I've written about 3 thousand in character study. And invented a little world. I even have a tone set up, and a location and apocalypse.

Just no plot.
Heheh. fuck. hehe. fuck.

IMPORTANT!: I am taking a two week break from work! I'm doing the last course I need before I can apply to be a paramedic. DON'T WORRY, I am not one yet.

I and Chelle had a bad time with rent. I had to blow the money I put aside for the course, and I'm still a bit in the red. But she pulled many strings, accidently knotted the whole thing up, got herself tied to the floor, took scissors to the it all, then gave up and borrowed money from her mom. She paid me back, I've got money for the course. Chelle went through all that hassle because she knew how much I wanted the course. For me.

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And here we have most of a computer. Bidding will start at; FREE. [06 Jan 2004|01:18pm]
[ mood | excited ]

OKAY! I apparently have a case, a power supply, a video card, a monitor, a keyboard, an internet connection and modem, a CD drive, an A drive, and a tiny little HD. Courtesy of malahat graye and Chelle's soon to be scavanged computer. Some things will need upgrading, and I still need a motheboard, chip and RAM. But wow I'm excited. I'm really really excited. This is going to be a good good computer. Really really good good.


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[04 Jan 2004|12:44am]
Last night it satrted to snow. Then it stuck to the ground. Then it kept on snowing, no problem though. Victoria winter road crew swung into action. A phone call was made, and the guy who drives the sander flew into action. Within four hours he had managed to sand a road.

Even the smallest of inclines was inpossible to get up. Cars all over the sides of the road, I've never seen things so slippery. Never. No really. Before anyone starts taling about how Vic driver's can't drive in the snow, I'll say this; sure, you're right. But seriously, Never. Wow, what a mess.

Without getting into details, I saw a taxi doing a head stand. Poor driver, heheh, even the cops were giggling.
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With a wimper, not a bang. [02 Jan 2004|07:09am]
I reach around and pat myself on the back. I do it regularly. Like in elevators. I like to make a show of it, I even say, 'pat, pat, pat' while thinking of things I do well.

Take, for instance, keeping my head when Things happen. Things like the accident I was almost a part of today. I see them a lot, being a driving type working person, and have an action plan. First, I consciously affect a demure composure, no matter what my adrenaline-ized insides are fiddling with. Secondly, I make a little joke, but quickly get down to business. Talking to the injured MVA contestants (compact vs minivan) I smiled, "Hey! Damn cold night for an accident, eh? Anyone else still in the cars?" I felt very proud of myself for saying something silly, and for asking such a pertinent, paramedic type thing. I even checked to see if there was any leaking gas. And the 911 lady, (she's so direct, isn't she?) well, I could tell she was very impressed with my control and simple humble understanding of the salient matters of the moment. She wanted to hire me, I could tell. She wanted to do more then that, but I have a GF now, and I tell EVERYTHING that happens to me to the world via LJ so I could not go to her and be head hunted. I just patted myself instead. Something I learned in a tantric magazine.

Hard to pull off though.

NEW YEARS WAS GREAT Thanks Steve(Graye) Matt(Longshot) Maura(M) Kristly(did I spell that right?) Julia(She just moved from Montreal!) my Michelle(Chelle) Oh! Matt(Longshot) is now Matt(Bumpy) I had a great night. Really. Thanks.
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breaking taxi cabs again [24 Dec 2003|04:01pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

The transmission blew. I was driving the thing. Oh grumble, just in time for christmas. And we all know that christmas means SPENDING. Well, not for me, but for people that spend, that is. Those people use taxis. I'm saving for OFA3. A first aid course that will let me apply for BC Ambulance, and also get me more money in other ways. Talked to one guy, said he'd hire me when I got the course, he needs first aid labourers on his construction site. Starting is around 13/hr, goes up quickly, or so he says. Ahhhhhh, it'd be good to be doing something physical for a change, wonder if I have a car to work tonight.

OH Shit. I mean work in 10 minutes. THIS is why some taxi drivers smell so bad. Blabbing in LJ makes them miss thier shower.

On the good side of things, I've only had a handful of people wish me a happy christmas thus far. The rest of you bah hum-buggers will understand that. As for you happy rossland christmas people out there. I'd love to hack your fun, but actually, i'm a little *cough* envious. Merry, uhm, ahh, day-thing. Jerks.

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A running series of random taxi stories continues. [21 Dec 2003|03:15am]
A sick one:

I'm sitting outside the Strath. About fifty people are milling about after close and it's only a matter of minutes before someone gets in. A lot of drunk people, thankfully I have my good luck smile with me to keep the bad luck one's at bay. A young woman gets in, her friends see her off, a man gets in the back seat asks 'Where you goin?' Girl answers 'Crystal Pool.' He's gunna tag along for the ride. She's too drunk to notice him as a slime ball predator. Drop her off, he gets out and tries to follow her into the house, she barely manages to keep him out. I'm watching and waiting. He comes back to the car, wants me to drive him home, says he'll give me a cigarette. I think of all the people in my life that have been raped, the girls drunk at a party, the housewives abused, the kids diddled. I didn't give him a ride. I told him, in full, what I really thought of him.

If he had gotten in the house and I not been there, it could have been on the news. Or more likely, not have been on the news.

A short one:

I'm sitting outside the strath when this rolly-polly guy drops in the front seat and hiccups. He seems to suddenly come to and gets scared, "Oh Jesus," lookin at me, "I really hope this is a taxi cab."
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Back in Black [21 Dec 2003|03:08am]
[ mood | good ]

Into the regular swing of things I'm working and saving and I managed to resurrect an old computer. Even got it on line. So now I can post again and tell stories of a taxi driver's night. Saving for a first aid course. A big one. A more money for me one. Am looking at a construction job where they need first aid people, looks promising, hot tip, hiring fast, need a resume. Maybe it'll get me back in shape. Chelle and I are sick, as usual. I ate a truffle today, but it was the kind without real truffle in it. They shouldn't be allowed to call them truffles, really.

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Paramedics [19 Nov 2003|02:38pm]
I'd thought of the idea a couple months back. I started to do a bit of research on becoming one about three weeks ago. I took a break while making my way back to Vic, but started to look at it again a few days ago. I bumped into the same problems this week as the first time I started inquiring about the job, lack of information. I would ask and ask, apparently always the wrong people. I finally figured out the problem, those in charge of hiring are embarrassed over the stupidness of the whole set up. STUPIDNESS You gotta get a thousand bucks worth of training to be able to apply. No prob. One you get hired you don't get shit. Start on call (maybe only 4 or 8 hrs a week) and only make 13.50. If you spend a further 10k on an other course you will get a raise of $5/hr. After 2000 hours that course would start paying for itself. AND you will NOT get full time, or benefits, or anything else for about FIVE TO EIGHT YEARS! What a waste. Now I have to pick a new adventure.

In other news; I'm still lazy, and I havn't started back at work. Will probably start this weekend, driving cab for Blue Bird Taxi. Saving for my first million.
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Victoria [15 Nov 2003|05:00pm]
I'm home.

Good to see Chelle. Saw Matt too. Graye is being elusive, but no rush. Try answering your phone sometime ass. Piss ass. Assy piss assed piss ass.

No computer of my own, sad sad.

Taking it easy, not working yet, trying to get into ambulance school. That's all. It's nice here. lad i'm here. But I forgot how much i despise addicts, they suck rotten bullocks.
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[13 Nov 2003|10:22am]
I'm at the airport now. A day late. The other night my friend who i was visiting and i got drunk, at 4 in the morning we decided it was a good idea to call jetsgo and spend 25 bucks on puching back the departure a day. My god sometimes things work out easy.

Time is different in an airposrt. I realise that i've taken two steps in the wrong direction, and that if i keep going the wrong way it'll take me 20 minutes to get back to where i started. 'Good." I think. Two hours to waste. A coffe is a major thing, you put it off until you are too bored to handle watching more ground crew smoking cigarettes and play with their cool flat vehicles. A cigarette is a major event. Spending 2 bucks at an internet station is like christmas, even if the seat is stuck closed.

The weather here is incredible. Last nght there was a real Ontario thunderstorm, today an inch of snow. Weather changes here so dramaticly that a victorianite wouldn't know how to keep up. I'm glad to be leaving the winter here though.

They are building a new terminal here, almost done. The thing is the biggest building I have ever seen, aside from really tall ones. It's all glass, describing a quarter circle, and looks like the 747s could just pull right in and disgorge it's travelers.

So, next stop, home again.

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Orangeville [11 Nov 2003|11:18pm]
Seems a nice place. Spent most of my time here so far pushing screws into old plaster and counting the number of ways I can screw it up. Sorry bout the pun. Been helping Len here get some shit done, the sooner we get this room finished, the sooner we can find some mock English pub and buy pints.

I called jetsgo and they charge 25$ to change your ticket. I might stay here a few days. Len is talking me into it, and it's good to see him. I got fat he got skinner, it must be snowing in hell. He's two inches taller since the last time too. He claims it was a combination of eating jello, consulting a voodoo accountant, and going to a chiropractor a few times a month. Strange. You don't usually expect your friends to get taller.

No time to read my Friends page today. Len only has DIAL-UP! Bloody stone ages. How you are all entertaining yourselves properly. If you need suggesting, I,d like to throw up the idea of more nudity, and pranks. Later!
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[10 Nov 2003|11:49pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Made a few phone calls tonight. "Hi! I'm still in the same province, and after I leave I'll call you from a different one, and I'll sound exactly the same as I do now, but good-bye"

Ran around town getting a few Ontario things done.

I'll wake up too early, but I won't notice because it's a BIG DAY tomorrow. I'll get up and make coffee, thinking about the road, coffee and a smoke, thinking about the plane ride. Good to be going. The going has been waiting.

But first, the packing, the forgetting things, the rushing. The chills as I pass over the Welland/Rest-of-the-World boarder! HEEYAA!

Orangeville to visit a friend, the next day Toronto to catch my flight. The following day, Victoria.

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Posting origional images. [10 Nov 2003|11:50am]
Okay. I think I figured this out.

If you want to post an image that you found sitting somewhere on the net, just link to it properly and it pops up on your post. No problem.

If the image is not on the net somewhere, and you have a paid web hosting service (including the one your ISP gave you) you will have no problem. Just throw it in your web site files, and link to it. No problem.

But, If you only have free web hosting (geocities, tripod, etc.), or none at all, you have a problem. The free ones don't allow you to post the image on other sites, they don't like the bandwidth usage.

But there is a way to do it.Collapse )
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[09 Nov 2003|08:54am]
Welcome Aboard: Brendle Thomas

Date _________Flt___Depart___________________Arrive___________________Stops
Wed 12Nov03__309__Toronto(Term 3) 7:55pm____Vancouver(Dom)_10:00pm___0

Total for 01 guest(s)
Nav/INS Surcharge:_______37.00
Toronto(Term 3) AIF:_____12.00

Call us Toll Free: 1-866-448-5888
In Montreal: 514-733-0332
Visit our Website at www.jetsgo.net
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[09 Nov 2003|12:59am]
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Thailand called, from Vancouver. [08 Nov 2003|09:22pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

A friend, come to visit me in Vic., called my mother to get my phone number today. I answered. Being a smart one he deduced that I was not in Victoria. Ducks! Well, he has to go back to San Diego or someplace before he flies back to Thailand soon. I might just pack up quick and get to Vic. Long story short: My mother told me seriously/joking/seriously that she was not enjoying me being here. *sigh* Ouch.

Zen, and the art of motorcycle hell.Collapse )

ITS FUCKING COLD HERE, holy shit. Happy to leave, who wants those sour grapes anyways? I just wish my troubled friend Cheryl would decide to come out west. I'll miss her when I go. She had a fucked up boyfriend, liked to hit things, who's now trying his hand at stalking. She's on methadone and making a good run at leaving the bad life behind. Ducks, I hate to think of her staying in Ontario. Gunna go to JetsGo and gets me a ticket right now.

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Welland, Ontario [07 Nov 2003|11:55pm]
[ mood | bored ]

My home town, a dead place if I ever knew one..Collapse )

I can't wait to get back to Victoria. I'm in Welland visiting my family, visiting some old friends from the bad old days, and taking a look at my old motorcycle to see if I can get it running again. There's a lot of time to kill, and not much to kill it with. Being here can be soul blackening, but I've actually been getting by just fine.

I'm excited to get back because I want to work some, I drive hack for Blue Bird Taxi, and make decent money at it, I also want to see everyone again. I live in Chinatown and love it. I have a good girl there, Chelle, and can't wait to jump back in with her. And my god, I miss the Ocean and the Mountains. (Sorry, I don't usually capitalize common nouns like that. I just really miss it.) Anyone who has lived close to either knows what I'm talking about.

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