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Thailand called, from Vancouver.

A friend, come to visit me in Vic., called my mother to get my phone number today. I answered. Being a smart one he deduced that I was not in Victoria. Ducks! Well, he has to go back to San Diego or someplace before he flies back to Thailand soon. I might just pack up quick and get to Vic. Long story short: My mother told me seriously/joking/seriously that she was not enjoying me being here. *sigh* Ouch.

Rented a U-Haul and I hauled my bike to my Dad's house. I have to rip the ignition out of it, bring it to the locksmith's, and get a key built. The keys to the thing disappeared. After that I have to get an affidavit explaining that the bike was never transferred over to my name, then the paper work to do so also went missing, if they believe me then I could actually legally own my own bike. Then I can see if it works. New battery, new back tire, new front fork, plus all the regulars including a hundred bucks for a carb clean. Hmmm. Why the fuck is it so complex. And expensive. I might just forget the whole thing. Stick the bike under a tarp and buy a ticket the hell outa here.

ITS FUCKING COLD HERE, holy shit. Happy to leave, who wants those sour grapes anyways? I just wish my troubled friend Cheryl would decide to come out west. I'll miss her when I go. She had a fucked up boyfriend, liked to hit things, who's now trying his hand at stalking. She's on methadone and making a good run at leaving the bad life behind. Ducks, I hate to think of her staying in Ontario. Gunna go to JetsGo and gets me a ticket right now.
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