Brendle (brendle) wrote,

Posting origional images.

Okay. I think I figured this out.

If you want to post an image that you found sitting somewhere on the net, just link to it properly and it pops up on your post. No problem.

If the image is not on the net somewhere, and you have a paid web hosting service (including the one your ISP gave you) you will have no problem. Just throw it in your web site files, and link to it. No problem.

But, If you only have free web hosting (geocities, tripod, etc.), or none at all, you have a problem. The free ones don't allow you to post the image on other sites, they don't like the bandwidth usage.

If you do try to use a free host site it may work a few times, then you get an 'x' instead of the photo.

So, (1)join the a free image host, (2)upload your image, (3)find the Public image address, (4)wrap in proper code, (5)and drop it behind a cut.

So far the best free image host that I have found is They have a limited free account system. The limit is on transfer MBs per day. If you post a smallish file, it can be loaded a couple hundred times before reaching the 5 MB max, whereupon the 'x' will pop back up.

Once you upload the picture, you have to make sure to grab the correct address to use as a pointer. Many image hosts do not allow other people to link to your image and use up all your transfer limit. Which is good, but it makes it harder to be sure that you are using the correct address. Do not just 'copy image address' from the photo. They will have a place that you can gather the correct address. The name that you gave the file should be the ending part of the address, and NOT random characters.

Once you have the proper address wrap it in proper code to display:

[img src="htp://"]

- replace square brackets with lessthan/greaterthan brackets. What are those called?

Keep the files small.
Keep the names of the files simple, no non-alphanumeric characters.
Put the image behind an LJ cut or comment (so it won't display every time someone views your entry on their Friends page, using up your transfer limit).

the real test. is there an image or an 'x' below. heheh oh boy.


Thanks graye and thelastbandito for your help.
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