Brendle (brendle) wrote,


Seems a nice place. Spent most of my time here so far pushing screws into old plaster and counting the number of ways I can screw it up. Sorry bout the pun. Been helping Len here get some shit done, the sooner we get this room finished, the sooner we can find some mock English pub and buy pints.

I called jetsgo and they charge 25$ to change your ticket. I might stay here a few days. Len is talking me into it, and it's good to see him. I got fat he got skinner, it must be snowing in hell. He's two inches taller since the last time too. He claims it was a combination of eating jello, consulting a voodoo accountant, and going to a chiropractor a few times a month. Strange. You don't usually expect your friends to get taller.

No time to read my Friends page today. Len only has DIAL-UP! Bloody stone ages. How you are all entertaining yourselves properly. If you need suggesting, I,d like to throw up the idea of more nudity, and pranks. Later!
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