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I'd thought of the idea a couple months back. I started to do a bit of research on becoming one about three weeks ago. I took a break while making my way back to Vic, but started to look at it again a few days ago. I bumped into the same problems this week as the first time I started inquiring about the job, lack of information. I would ask and ask, apparently always the wrong people. I finally figured out the problem, those in charge of hiring are embarrassed over the stupidness of the whole set up. STUPIDNESS You gotta get a thousand bucks worth of training to be able to apply. No prob. One you get hired you don't get shit. Start on call (maybe only 4 or 8 hrs a week) and only make 13.50. If you spend a further 10k on an other course you will get a raise of $5/hr. After 2000 hours that course would start paying for itself. AND you will NOT get full time, or benefits, or anything else for about FIVE TO EIGHT YEARS! What a waste. Now I have to pick a new adventure.

In other news; I'm still lazy, and I havn't started back at work. Will probably start this weekend, driving cab for Blue Bird Taxi. Saving for my first million.
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