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breaking taxi cabs again

The transmission blew. I was driving the thing. Oh grumble, just in time for christmas. And we all know that christmas means SPENDING. Well, not for me, but for people that spend, that is. Those people use taxis. I'm saving for OFA3. A first aid course that will let me apply for BC Ambulance, and also get me more money in other ways. Talked to one guy, said he'd hire me when I got the course, he needs first aid labourers on his construction site. Starting is around 13/hr, goes up quickly, or so he says. Ahhhhhh, it'd be good to be doing something physical for a change, wonder if I have a car to work tonight.

OH Shit. I mean work in 10 minutes. THIS is why some taxi drivers smell so bad. Blabbing in LJ makes them miss thier shower.

On the good side of things, I've only had a handful of people wish me a happy christmas thus far. The rest of you bah hum-buggers will understand that. As for you happy rossland christmas people out there. I'd love to hack your fun, but actually, i'm a little *cough* envious. Merry, uhm, ahh, day-thing. Jerks.
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