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Well I got sucker punched today. Oddly enough, it was one of the better moments of my horrible day. A frenzied minute later and the guy rushed me. I had him in a cinch hold, pushing his face down, even had my right leg kicked backwards about to knee him in the gut, then the face if I could get his head down enough, when a few guys from my class grabbed us both. There was three of them, by the end they had a hittin' stick and a friggin' chain. Jesus, I don't remember moving to Detroit.

What was it over? I don't really know. But it is welfare day, and we were in front of the Open Door, a homeless shelter, so, well, I guess that's why. Hehehe, at least I have a story. Stupid jerk, right from behind too. Not the first time I had a chain puled on me, but it was the stupidest. About five people afterwards came up to my group and told us that they had called the cops on the idiots. Last thing I needed was a pocket search and a free ride, so we took off too.
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